RSV Group includes several companies.


The group is managed by skilled people of various nationalities and with many years experience in finance and in renewable energy.

RSV Group's open ambition is to affiliate new members representing different nationalities, religions, cultures and political opinions to show that no matter what origin or ideology, common objectives can only be reached by combining forces (UNITED ENERGY).

Another goal of the RSV Group is to produce everything necessary to conduct a healthy human life:

- Clean water
- Clean food
- Clean soil
- Clean energy from inexhaustible natural sources
- Healthy and sustainable environment

While preserving these objectives, RSV Group aims at being a profitable company. We believe infact that, operating in this sector, long-term and steady good income can be generated and new jobs created, regardless of possible turbulence in financial markets, etc.
For example, the sanitization of water in excess (recycling waste water and desalination based, of course, on renewable energy) not only reduces costs, but eventually generates profits.

Mankind will always be in need of water, food, clean land and environment, and energy. These needs are growing with the increase of the world's population, regardless of any temporary fashion or short-term trend.

We intend to improve such goods in a sustainable way, as per our motto "Realizing Sustainable Value